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The little philosopher

The little philosopher
My three and half year old little granddaughter Chery🍒can not stop talking even for two minutes and when ever she is silent at home,either she will be busy watching ‘Peppa Pigs’ on screen or discreetly painting the freshly white washed bedroom wall with her colour pencils away from every body’s notice.

The only language she knows for communication is English and so fluent she is in that ,its difficult to keep Pace with her.We(me particularly)call her the Oxford English professor.

Though we are on the thirteenth floor of a multistoried flat in ‘White Field’,her favourite outing often during the day is the children’s park at the ground and she possesses the liberty of comanding her grandpaa(me)to escort her to the park as many times as she likes.The grandpa is also everwilling to escort the VIP to the park.While in the lift,she unsuccessfully tries to reach the switch and each failure ends in using the most successful weapon CRY to get a lifting in arm to reach the switch.Every time she gets encouraging tips from GrandPaa to eat properly to get tall enough to independently switch on and off the lift.

And one evening while playing in the park she asks GrandPaa(Aajaa),where is your mother.Instead of saying that my mother is no more since 1997,I told her that she has become a star in the Sky.

Pat came the response ‘Yes I heard that from Mama,but what is the name of the Star’?
I told her ‘the name of the Star is Sebati(my mother’s name).

Silent for few seconds, she asks can you show me her in the Sky.Above us was a piece of sky ,containing few stars most of them half visible /invisible due to the city’s pollution.What could I say ?My response was ….its difficult baby to locate her among so many.

Her next query it compulsory for all to become Star in the sky ?
Before getting the answer from her fumbling GrandPaa,she asks…..when she will be ‘normal’ and back again.

“She might already be back and staying somewhere”was my answer.
Her next question….When you will become a star ?
May be after few years I replied.
“And how much time you will take to be normal and come back ?asked my little angel.

I was spell bound.What could I say !!This biggest question has not been answered by any philosopher or scripture satisfactorily sofar.

Where from life comes?Where it goes after death !!So far nobody has satisfactorily answered this innocent but Big question…

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